Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with some of the most passionate teams in the business. I love designing with quality, expertly curated content which inspires people to get creative and try new things to enrich their daily lives. I have extensive experience working with shoot teams, content directors, editors and clients to produce bespoke lifestyle content. Here are some examples of brands Ive worked for from House Beautiful, Asda, Pregnancy, Baby & You, Country Living and Period Living.
Credits: House Beautiful: Editor-In-Chief: Louise Pearce; Executive Editor: Terry Barbrook; Head of Home Content: Amanda Morgan; Associate Editor: Helen Bonthrone; Style and Interiors Director: Sarah Keady; Homes and Gardens Director: Carolyn Bailey; Group Creative Director: Lindsey Jordan; Acting Art Director: Dina Koulla; Group Art Editor: Roger Browning; Designer: Laura Shepphard; Junior Designer: Leo Terry; Picture Director: Patricia Taylor
Credits: Asda: Content Director: Tory Frost; Account Director: Hannah Heartfield, Editors: Alison Walker and Nicky Rampley-Clarke; Art Director: Jo Levitas-Clark; Art Director Christmas issue: Lisa Kebell; Creative Director: Tanita Montgomery; Photography: Tony Briscoe, Stuart West, Stuart Ovenden, Vinny Whiteman, Gareth Morgans, Melissa Reynolds-James, Charlotte Nott-Macaire
Credits: ​​​​​​​Pregnancy Baby & You: Editor: Claire Roberts; Art Direction: Louisa Edge
Credits: Country Living: Editor: Susy Smith; Acting Art Director: Elizabeth Chung; Art Director: Anneliese Klos; Acting Creative Director: Alex Breuer
Credits: ​​​​​​​Period Living: Editor: Sarah Whelan; Art Director: Puishun Li